on birds, running and smoothies

Here's a birdie update:



They hatched!!! You can see one birdie butt in the first pic and the second birdie's face in the second. We're such proud inter-special grandparents! They've been rustling around and I saw them feed from Papa bird today. I tried to get a picture of it for you but Papa bird saw me behind the sliding glass door and froze up. He stared me down, he always stares me down, he's VERY overprotective!

On to running...

The boyfriend and I were so good last week with gymming it up! However, between Vegas this past weekend and me having a paid assistant-styling job earlier in the week, working out has been shot to hell. I had a free day today and decided I would run to the gym. Instead of the 5.2 mile route that would take me to the gym and back I ended up just running a 3.7 mile loop with no gym. What can I say? I'm out of shape apparently. Also, it's EXTREMELY hot outside; I had to take lots of walking breaks. Boooo! I used to run 5 miles straight not too long ago but now I'm majorly struggling. But struggling in style, check out my pink running gear...


1. Zensah Running Sleeves
2. Camelbak ChillJacket bottle which has a nifty backpack to carry my ID, insurance card, $5 and keys. Muy importante!
3. my iPod so I can listen to my tunes :)

After a hot and sweaty run, I couldn't wait to have a smoothie! And credit where credit is due, I must thank the boyfriend's friend Kyle for suggesting using iced tea in my smoothies. I had been making mine with almond milk which is great as well but iced tea and frozen tropical fruit makes for the most light and refreshing smoothie ever!




It was everything I wanted and more :)

San Diego this weekend!!!

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