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How great is this Awesome Breakout Mug? Great enough that it debuted this morning on ModCloth and there's only one left. Ah, how I miss being able to indulge in impulse items like an adorable albeit overpriced eco-friendly mug! This mug would have been the perfect vessel for my morning yerba mate or cafe con leche.


orange angel food cake






It's been almost a week since my last blog (tsk tsk) since I've been working for the last 8 days. Yes, that includes Saturday and Sunday. Today was a much needed day off. I slept in and did NOT go to the gym (which I surprisingly have no problem doing on days I work), went to Bay Cities Deli for their famous Godmother sandwich (as featured in Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and made orange angel food cake for the Paul McCartney concert at the Hollywood Bowl tonight!

Since my juicer purchase, I have been buying an abundance of fruits. Unfortunately, I sometimes buy more fruits than I can juice. Fortunately, recipes for tastey treats such as orange angel food cake exist! In an effort to not toss my oranges before they went bad, I found a way to incorporate them into some sort of baked good. I could not believe a dozen egg whites whipped filled my entire large Ikea mixing bowl!

This was my first attempt at angel food cake and it came out perfectly light and fluffy with a wonderful hint of orange. My venture into the world of angel food cake making was not without its pitfalls. I suspect the temperature might have been incorrect as the cake got a little burnt at the bottom. Also, the recipe calls for an ungreased pan but this was clearly a mistake. The orange glaze was unnecessary in my opinion. I will have to remake this recipe with a few tweaks and probably using lemons or limes. But overall, it is a delicious summer-time treat!


lounging around





dress, Rachel Pally; earrings, gift; bracelet, the mart; watch, my mom's

Here are some more pictures from last weekend that I didn't get around to posting. These are from our friend's sister's apartment in downtown overlooking Los Angeles. The view is just breathtaking and their entire place is lined with windows! 

This is the only maxi dress I own. I think that's because I had, for some time, a misconception about not being able to wear dresses of this length since I'm only 5'4. When I finally got past my initial apprehensions and actually tried on a maxi dress I realized that not only do they flatter my body, they look very glamorous. This Rachel Pally dress is best paired, I find, with gold jewelry to accentuate it's nautical appeal. Anyone who has lived in Miami knows of "the mart" but for those who don't, "the mart" is the Miami International Merchandise Mart where one can get great deals on jewelry. The bracelet I'm wearing was only $5!

*side note on my dress: much like the American Apparel bandeau dress (which I also own in 3 colors!) it can be worn a variety of different ways. I'm wearing it here with a low cut cowl neckline but it can also be worn as a tube top neckline or maxi skirt. I LOVE anything with multiple uses! Hence my panini maker/grilled cheese press/ waffle iron!!! 



This morning while perusing some of my favorite fashion blogs, I saw that That's Chic blogger Rachel had posted a playlist of some of her latest downloads. I couldn't help but notice that she had the same Yeasayer song on her playlist that I had downloaded less than 24 hours ago. In either event, I think it's a fabulous idea seeing as I already share my taste in food and fashion to show you my taste in music. So here's a section straight from my workout playlist!


Suggestions are always welcome!


vegan almond butter cookies




I'll admit, baking vegan scared me a bit at first. Not cracking an egg left me with that nagging feeling that I was forgetting something which was somewhat annoying at first until I realized... it was perfectly okay to lick the batter! Yay! I decided to make this recipe for the girls at work. Having been vegetarian for 6 years, I know how it feels like when there is nothing for you to eat. On that note, I decided to forgo eggs and butter (a regular baking staple of mine) for oil, maple syrup and almond butter. The cookies, being my first vegan baked goods, came out so nutty and delicious!


I have a love affair with almond butter so it wasn't too hard to win me over but hopefully everyone else likes them! Here's the recipe I used that was adapted from a peanut butter cookie recipe by Love like a Vegan:

Almond Butter Cookies
Makes 12 cookies
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbs sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup almond butter
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract
3 tbs canola oil
1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Lightly grease a cookie sheet.
2.  Sift flour, baking powder, and baking soda.  Stir in the sugar and salt.
3.  In a separate bowl, combine the peanut butter with the maple syrup and extracts.  Stir in the oil.
4.  Add the dry mix to the wet mix until well combined. 
5.  Place tablespoon-fuls of dough on cookie sheets.  Bake for 7-8 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool on racks.

*I couldn't find almond extract at Trader Joe's so I just used vanilla extract and they came out great!









bikini, Syla; top, Wildfox Couture; shorts, Sass and Bide; sandals, Urban Outfitters; sunglasses, purchased on Venice boardwalk

This weekend, one of my boyfriend's friends was apartment-sitting for his sister who was out of town on her honeymoon. We got to hang out at the apartment building's pool and bbq. Overall, it was a fun and relaxing Sunday afternoon. It's also neat to visit downtown Los Angeles (when not on a run for work) because the view is completely different from the part of LA we live in. 

I absolutely adore this flamingo top from Wildfox because it's so loose blousony. When paired with a cute bikini, just the right amount peeks out. Sometimes I wear this top with white skinny jeans and opt for a hot pink lacey bra since the arms are cut low. As for my heart sunglasses, I scored them on the Venice boardwalk for $8!! I love love love the kitschy, flirty shape and vibrant color! 




As you may or may not have noticed, I am a huge oversized ring fan! I'm generally not satisfied with an outfit unless a big hunk of metal is weighing down my hand. I'm always on the lookout for new classic/innovative/funky baubles to place on my fingers.

1. Top Shop - Heart ring
2. Noir Jewelry - Four Stud Pyramid ring
3. Lisa Freede - Science Ring Platinum Color
4. House of Harlow - Peacock ring
5. TopShop - Filigree Flower ring
6. Etsy - 925 Sterling Silver Rings ring
7. Forever 21 - Dimpled Armor ring

How sweet is the Lisa Freede Element ring? My best friend Ty brought it to my attention and I've been obsessing over it since. It comes in Silver and Gold as well.


key lime cupcakes


Today I made these Key Lime cupcakes (minus the coconut flavoring). They have a delicious custardy filling and crisp meringue topping. Even though ingredients like "yellow cake mix" and "instant vanilla pudding" were required, they were anything but made-from-a-box cupcakes! These decadent treats came out even better than imagined. My only regret is that I forgot to purchase cupcake liners which would have brought them, aesthetically, to another level.





Good thing I went for a run AND to the gym today!

yerba mate

yerba mate

Growing up with two Cuban parents, cafe con leche (similar to a latte) was put into my bottle as a baby. I was literally weened on coffee (perhaps the reason I did not grow to supermodel height, thanks mom and dad!) And so, I have a strong inclination towards a good cup of coffee to start my day. Unfortunately, coffee holds on to fat while tea, like this Yerba Mate, flushes it out. The good news is that I also enjoy my tea very much as well. While I do indulge in a cup or two of java a week (I had a Spanish Latte from Urth Caffe and an espresso cup of home-brewed Cuban coffee this week), I have been making a point of beginning my morning routine with organic fair trade Yerba Mate and a Kashi bar.

Yerba Mate contains mateine instead of caffeine. It stimulates the central nervous system similar to caffeine but improves sleep instead of worsening it. It is a mild diuretic and reduces blood pressure without negative effects on the heart. You can read more about the positive qualities of mateine here.

If you are interested in incorporating Yerba Mate into your morning routine and live in one of the 20-something Trader Joe's states, I suggest purchasing it there as it was significantly less expensive than at other local grocery stores I checked.

blue collar

blue collar

blue collar1

blue collar2

blue collar3

romper, Free People; scarf, Tolani; shoes, Seychelles; ring, Tarina Tarantino; belt, Talbots from eBay; sunglasses, RayBan

I purchased this Free People romper at an insane discount but, while I loved the concept of it, did not know where or how I would wear it. While I am a huge fan of rompers, this is my first long-sleeved one and, when not accessorized properly, reminds me of something an auto mechanic might wear. Hmm... Halloween costume, possibly? I chose to pair it with my favorite brown waist belt and cut-out booties. I also kept with the soothing blue colors by adding a cool-colored scarf and my aqua wayferers. The Tarina Tarantino ring I'm wearing here is no longer available on her website but she has great new cameo rings I would love to get my hands on! 


food from a truck?

lunch truck

In Miami one would hardly consider purchasing food from a moving vehicle (I'm not sure I've even seen a food truck there) but it seems the residents of the city of Los Angeles have a mild obsession with lunch trucks. Some food trucks have even gained somewhat of a cult following with fans logging on to their website to track where they will be that day. For instance, I've heard multiple ravings about the Grilled Cheese Truck and some have created so much stir like Kogi BBQ that their cuisine has earned a permanent spot in an actual restaurant (the Alibi Room). It seems like a great concept business-wise, but is lunch truck food as good as Angelenos claim? I won't knock it till I try it!

I snapped this quick picture the other day while out on a run for work. You can't really tell but there were at least 10 lunch trucks lined up in front of a couple of office buildings on Willshire.


lunch time

The best part about working near where I live is the ability to stop by my apartment to make a tasty (and cheap) lunch. Since my recent panini press acquisition, I have been making delicious pressed sandwiches almost every day. Here's my favorite panini combo thus far...

warning: I sometimes have very strange tastes in food...


  • bread of choice
  • sliced turkey
  • light cream cheese
  • red pepper spread (this one has garlic and eggplant in it as well, yum!)
  • sliced asiago cheese
Spread a layer of red pepper spread on one slice of bread and a layer of cream cheese on the other.


Place sliced cheese on top of the red pepper spread and sliced turkey on top of the cream cheese.


Close the sandwich and place in a panini press (or a pan if you don't have a press, just remember to flip the sandwich).


In addition to a homemade grilled panini, I decided to juice some fresh fruit in my new juicer. My preferred juicing combo of the moment is one apple, one orange and a handful of strawberries.


Cut fresh fruit into pieces that fit into your juicer's feeding tube.


Juice as directed.


I'm a bit texture sensitive so I like to further strain my fruit juice for a smoother taste.


I present to you, the final product:


Aside from being scrumptious and a money-saver, today's lunch including a serving of fruit (something I sometimes struggle to incorporate into my diet). I have been making a concerted effort to juice every day/ every other day and have already seen an improvement in my overall well being.

Also, happy St. Patty's day!!! I ate some delish corned beef and cabbage for dinner (no pictures!) and wanted to bake some key lime cupcakes but didn't have the time. I'll be making them this weekend, so stay tuned!


pacific design center






dress, Yaya Aflalo; shoes, boutique in Madrid; handbag, Rebecca Minkoff; jewelry, Bluefly.com

Those who have been to West Hollywood know it as the big blue and green building. The other day I visited the Pacific Design Center. It's massive and just as impressive inside as it is outside.

This Yaya Aflalo dress is such a vibrant and breezy sun dress! I especially like the extremely low back (not pictured, sorry!) My brown woven sandals were purchased in a small boutique I visited in Madrid a few years back. The gold Rebecca Minkoff bag is definitely a statement piece. My mother got it for me during a Red Tag sale on Ideeli for only $100 (down from $600!!!) At first, I thought it might be too much but that silly notion didn't last long. I, personally, am not one to shy away from color and I absolutely love metallics for the summer. I'm dying to snag a gunmetal string bikini by the time beach season comes around. Also, I love love LOVE my new Essie Tart Deco polish! Definitely my new favorite color.

P.S. I survived my first California earthquake last night!!! I woke up at 4 am and thought I dreamt it. No biggie.


waffles from scratch





This morning seemed like as good a time as any to christen my new waffle iron! I'm a total goof at making pancakes and a waffle is the more complicated, less understood cousin of the pancake. Needless to say, I was nervous about how it would turn out. I used this recipe which had extra steps (including beating egg whites until stiff) but boasted lighter and fluffier waffles. On the first batch, I opened the iron too soon causing the waffles to rip apart at the middle. Next time I will definitely spray the plates with non-stick. Here's the final product:


They were light and fluffy as promised. Yummy syrupy squares! I didn't alter with the recipe this time since it was my first attempt, but I can't wait to add chocolate chips or blueberries and cinnamon to the batter. Maybe some fresh whipped cream and strawberries on top.