dani brava goes to miami

Tonight I board a red eye back to Miami. Coming back home means friends, family and FRODO KISSES!!! Bring it on!


I will be MIA (no pun intended!) for the next few days but I can't wait to share pictures from the sunshine state. Also, very much missing my kitchen back home equipped with an island, granite countertops and a stand mixer. I hope I get the chance to make some baked deliciousness while I'm there but for the time being, here are pictures of the Christmas fudge I made with my cousins last December:


From the front to the back:

  • white chocolate dulce de leche fudge
  • milk chocolate fudge
  • peanut butter fudge
  • dark chocolate fudge with nuts


  1. Do you have the fudge recipes?? I would love to make some homemade fudge!

  2. That looks beyond delish!!!!