pity party cancelled


Yesterday was admittedly one of the more stressful days since moving to Los Angeles. And today I found myself in the car wanting to cry and throw a pity party for myself. The thing about pity parties is you can throw as many as you want but nobody's going to show up. The world doesn't feel sorry for you. Instead I started thinking about all of the stuff I've done since I've been out here. Most importantly of which is begin a career in fashion! I've met amazing people and done amazing things along the way. I am a much stronger person today (emotionally and physically) than I was two and a half months ago.

Always remember: tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to ROCK it! I am so blessed and so are you; if you are literate and have access to a computer to read this blog, YOU ARE SO LUCKY!!! Everything else is just icing on the cake :)

Picture taken in Malibu last year


  1. Good post! I was just sitting here in London thinking about what I had to do today... and how much there is to do today and starting to feel a little sorry for me...

    But your right, I am in London, the sun is warm, I have a good job and great friends!

    Nice timing, I am lucky!!! :D

  2. nothing is easy besides complaining :)

  3. Well said, Ty! Kim, I'm so glad this post found you at a good time! It's so easy to get bogged down with all of the negatives in life and forget about the many ways we are blessed.

  4. I'll come to your pity party, Dani.

  5. you should just come to cali and i'll throw you that dinner party you've so missed out on!

  6. i find myself (telling myself) that "tomorrow is a new day" too. :)