what's that all a'boot?



Matt's and my good friend Allen is moving to Toronto (sad!) and so I commissioned a custom Double Scoop Greetings card from my oh-so-talented friend Frannie. You may remember I bought a Valentine card from her as well. My boyfriend loved how personal the handmade card felt and I can't get enough of anything with clever wit and a good pun. Needless to say, Frannie delivered once again with a tongue in cheek ode to our friend! She drew it up and mailed it to me to have it here in time for Allen's last day (even though I gave her about a week's notice). Amazing! DoubleScoop makes custom work if you would also like a handmade card (which in my opinion means so much more!)

Allen, you will be missed!!! Keep reading Dani Brava :)


  1. two words:

    good riddance.

  2. Oh, and she did a great job on the card. All of you lurkers, go to her web site and buy some greeting cards. Now.