yerba mate

yerba mate

Growing up with two Cuban parents, cafe con leche (similar to a latte) was put into my bottle as a baby. I was literally weened on coffee (perhaps the reason I did not grow to supermodel height, thanks mom and dad!) And so, I have a strong inclination towards a good cup of coffee to start my day. Unfortunately, coffee holds on to fat while tea, like this Yerba Mate, flushes it out. The good news is that I also enjoy my tea very much as well. While I do indulge in a cup or two of java a week (I had a Spanish Latte from Urth Caffe and an espresso cup of home-brewed Cuban coffee this week), I have been making a point of beginning my morning routine with organic fair trade Yerba Mate and a Kashi bar.

Yerba Mate contains mateine instead of caffeine. It stimulates the central nervous system similar to caffeine but improves sleep instead of worsening it. It is a mild diuretic and reduces blood pressure without negative effects on the heart. You can read more about the positive qualities of mateine here.

If you are interested in incorporating Yerba Mate into your morning routine and live in one of the 20-something Trader Joe's states, I suggest purchasing it there as it was significantly less expensive than at other local grocery stores I checked.

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