food from a truck?

lunch truck

In Miami one would hardly consider purchasing food from a moving vehicle (I'm not sure I've even seen a food truck there) but it seems the residents of the city of Los Angeles have a mild obsession with lunch trucks. Some food trucks have even gained somewhat of a cult following with fans logging on to their website to track where they will be that day. For instance, I've heard multiple ravings about the Grilled Cheese Truck and some have created so much stir like Kogi BBQ that their cuisine has earned a permanent spot in an actual restaurant (the Alibi Room). It seems like a great concept business-wise, but is lunch truck food as good as Angelenos claim? I won't knock it till I try it!

I snapped this quick picture the other day while out on a run for work. You can't really tell but there were at least 10 lunch trucks lined up in front of a couple of office buildings on Willshire.

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