bagel run







sunglasses, RayBan; tank top, Urban Outfitters; jacket, Mike and Chris; scarf, French Connection; jeans, Siwy; boots, Dolce Vita; brooch, vintage; handbag, Kale

I wore this while running out to get bagels this morning. I am still going through my Bagel Broker
Groupons. Btw, I highly highly highly recommend their cheddar jalapeño bagels with their cheddar jalapeño cream cheese! On second thought, that's probably something only I would love. 

Either way, what I'm wearing here has become my cold weather "uniform" of sorts. If temperatures dip below 60 degrees (I'm such a wuss!) then I resort to jeans or leggings with over-the-knee boots, a long tank or tee, a colorful scarf and a comfy swacket. This Mike and Chris swacket is so soft and fleecey on the inside. I also adore the large Peter Pan collar so I pinned a cameo brooch (eBay) onto it to draw attention. I want at least three more gold vintage brooches to adorn it! The scarf I'm wearing here is great for cold or warm weather because it's so lightweight and my Siwy cropped jeans are absolutely perfect for tucking into boots because they're the ideal length, ending promptly at my ankle, which avoids uncomfortable fabric bunch-up. My absolute favorite piece though is my Kale handbag! It's distressed black leather on the outside and supple purple suede on the inside. But, most importantly, it belonged to my mom who gave it to me right before I moved out here. When I wear it I think of her; what a stylish lady!


  1. LOVE these boots! there the perfect color <3


  2. hey you just moved to LA right. welcome girl! i'm in silver lake. you?!

  3. gorgeous outfit, and you look so happy! <3 been looking for boots that exact length,stunning! <3 Lily