chicken veggie stir fry

As part of my healthy new lifestyle, I made some chicken veggie stir fry (and consequently a big mess) today. Delish! First, I made some brown Jasmine rice.


Then, I chopped up some onions,


zucchini, broccoli, carrots and bok choy.


I cut chicken into thin strips and heated some sesame oil in the wok. I cooked the chicken in the wok until 3/4 done, added the stir fry sauce and cooked all the way through. I set the chicken aside and cooked the veggies in the same manner. Lastly, I added it all to the brown rice and mixed well.


The colors came out quite strange in the last picture but it was really very tasty! I will be eating this for dinner throughout the week. It tastes exceptionally great with lots of Sriracha chile sauce and is a wonderful way to add some veggies and good carbs into my diet.

I also picked up lots of fresh plump fruits to test out my juice extractor!


  1. I feel like I have missed a golden opportunity by not suggesting some sort of dinner party with you as chef when I had the chance.

    Your blog makes me hungry.

  2. mmm, that looks delicious!