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rainy day

Today I walked out of the office after a long day of work and the most glorious thing, it was raining! Most people would feel bogged down or depressed by the "dreary" weather but, as a native Floridian, rain possesses a certain comfort level for me. I used to complain about it to no end living in Miami, but having just moved to the desert, it was so comforting to be blanketed by the precipitation.

And so, I have yet another collage for you! Outfit posts have been sparse since I've been working 9-5 at my internship Monday-Wednesday and tomorrow, my supposed day off, has excitingly and unexpectedly turned quite busy! In appreciation of the gorgeous (not being sarcastic in the least) weather, I have selected some rainy weather must-haves. The outfit on the top is a "rainy-day chic" ensemble and the outfit on the bottom is a "jump-into-puddles playful" ensemble. However, all raincoats and accessories can be mixed and matched to your liking.

1. TopShop - Printed Waterproof Mac
2. Amazon - Sunflower Bloom Umbrella
3. Sperry Top-Sider - Women's Saucalito Boot
4. ModCloth - Big Fish Umbrella
5. Hunter - Hunter Original
6. ModCloth - Scantron Raincoat

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