Los Angeles survival guide

This is my first blog in about two days now because I've been so insanely busy! The plus side to that is that I have learned an incredible amount these last couple of days and I'd like to share some Los Angeles survival tips with you as I've had to learn as I go. If you want to move to LA, here's a list of some must-haves:


In Los Angeles, it is illegal to hold the phone while driving. And because you have to be able to stay in constant touch with people, a headset is key.


When living in a new city, especially one as expansive as Los Angeles, a GPS system is absolutely essential. While I have, so far, been able to get along fine with my overall good sense of direction, every day I feel like I'm just pushing my luck. Nowadays I have no time to get lost so I'll be running out to get one of these immediately! Wouldn't it be ironic if I got lost along the way?


Having a smart phone allows you to be in touch via email at all times. Gone are the days when one would write a letter and wait months for a reply to come on horseback.

On that note, I say we bring back snail mail. There's too much cute stationary not to!


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