dress for success: update!


Silk top, Urban Outfitters; blazer, Romeo and Juliet Couture; skirt, Free people; pumps, Vince Camuto; watch, Tag Heuer

After waking up this morning to a comment from a kind stranger and a text message from my best friend both telling me that outfit #1 was the way to go, I heeded their advice. They must have been right because I got the job!!! Well, internship. But you have to start somewhere. I'm headed to the valley for a celebratory lunch with my boyfriend and then looking for a retail position to tie me over while I work for free. Either way, very excited to be on my feet!

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality, just took a quick one to show how the outfit looked on.

P.P.S. Lessons learned today: parallel parking at a 45 degree angle is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Running uphill in heels isn't much easier!


  1. Yeaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Go Dani! Go Dani!!
    -Maria & Tiff

  2. Congratulations on the internship!

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. congrats! what career area is the internship?