what a week

Well, this has officially been one of the more painful weeks for me. I hate complaining on my blog because I'd rather you rejoice in my accomplishments then wallow in my misfortunes (if you even care that much, hahah). But I'm going to start from the beginning and then be DONE with the negativity in my life. Two weeks ago I was eating right, running distances further than I had ever run and just being positive overall. Well, I may have overdone it with the running, my left shin was feeling sore after runs. I decided to take a week off of running but instead of going to the gym to do the bicycle or elyptical I just did no physical activity at all. My shin healed completely and last weekend I went for a five mile run. Things were looking positive but I was on set all of last week which meant early mornings and tiring days. I would get home as the sun was going down with no will left in me to run or go to the gym. I , as mentioned earlier, sliced my right finger open at the knuckle on Monday which made basic everyday tasks difficult and time consuming. Friday, I woke up with a sore throat and the sniffles. Could things get any worse? Well I finally got back to juicing in an effort to get healthy and feel better overall and today, as my boyfriend told me time and time again I was GOING to do, I cut my left middle finger while cutting the peel off of an orange! All I could think was the big "I told you so" I'd get later. So, today I am at a physical and emotional rock bottom with two mangled (ok, not mangled) hands and a minor cold. Yes, I know it could be much MUCH worse but I am not used to feeling sick and injured.

Okay, now that I've complained and been a big baby, I am making a massive mental 180. As soon as I get over this cold (soon?) I will get back on track and rebuild all of the positive healthy momentum I had built up. Mentally, I am already on track. Now I just need to rest up and get myself back on track physically!

Either way, here's a dinner the boyfriend and I made a few days ago...



This entire meal was prepared outside on the grill. The boyfriend cooked the steak and the corn which he peeled, buttered and sprinkled with salt and pepper, rewrapped in the husks and then aluminum foil. I prepared myself a side of broccoli which I tossed with italian dressing and wrapped in aluminum foil. The entire meal was utter perfection!

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  1. Oh, BOO! I am so sorry all that crap happened to you. But you know what they say, bad things come in 3s and you've definitely hit that number. So things can only go up from here! :)