my cilantro is for the birds - update


This morning, my boyfriend and I woke up to a bird sitting in the corner of our herb garden, right next to the cilantro. After eating breakfast, we went to a golf tent sale where he bought a new set and when we came back, she was still there plus another birdie visitor. I don't yet know if she's injured or hatching an egg in our herb garden but her visitor comes often and even snuggles with her. The boyfriend says that their presence will probably kill the cilantro to which I responded that we can always buy more cilantro, this is her nest (?) now.

Sadly, I have not had the best luck with birds. My mom and I tried nursing a baby bird to health and ended up overfeeding and killing it. I also found a dead bird while swimming in my pool in Miami. This time I'm not going to interfere and just watch nature take its course. The most I can do is give her space and sacrifice my cilantro.


P.S. How great does my basil (far right) look???

Update: When I got home from my run, the bird was on the ground then flew off! I'm glad to know she's not injured. I went on the balcony to inspect the herb garden which was well nestled into and there were bits of twine and a couple other small items so I definitely think the two are building a nest!!! I feel oddly honored that they chose my cilantro :)

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