not so lazy sunday

I had just about the laziest Saturday ever (not sure I left the apartment other than for brunch) which was good because it allowed me to rest up and feel better. Today (Sunday) was panning out to be just as relaxed until Matt told me I needed to get out. He was right. I felt much better and there was no reason to stay cooped up and in bed. Either way, we had groceries to buy! A little known fact about me: I take grocery shopping VERY seriously!! I spend all week composing a list and relish going down each and every aisle. It's probably one of my more annoying/endearing traits.

For this week, I had two missions:
  1. eat my veggies
  2. use my slow cooker

Consider Mission One accomplished! And since I don't yet have a bowl to put my produce in, I'm temporarily putting it in my slow cooker. I purchased oranges, lemons, tomatoes, beets and ginger for juicing, bananas for smoothie making and garlic for the slow cooker meal my boyfriend requested I make. In the fridge is a fresh-cut stir-fry mix and extra large bag of carrots.

As for Mission Two, well that's a surprise! I will blog later in the week about it but for now I can tell you it is a family recipe and requires lots (two entire bulbs) of garlic.

My friend Allen who recently moved to Canada sent me some pictures of the foods of his new/old land: Smarties, coffee crisp and ketchup chips




These pictures are very nice and all but when do I get to try these foods?? Hopefully Allen will come visit soon with samples I can try and review for you.

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  1. coffee crisps <3 they are so good. and i had smarties for the first time a few weeks ago, its basically like m&m's and speaking of ketchup, they're ketchup is sooo good. it's the same heinz brand but for some reason they have a different recipe.