lime green

When living with your boyfriend, decorating can be challenging to say the least. There's an infinite list of fabrics, colors and patterns I am not allowed to use which include, but are not limited to, ruffles, lace, pink, flowers and animal prints (not that I wanted to use all of those!) So, how does one make the apartment look high-concept while satisfying two people with two eternally different aesthetics?

lime green

We finally agreed on the color scheme of brown, gold and lime green. Since my boyfriend surprised me with green candles and placemats, I took the time to look into other ways we could add dabs of lime green while still remaining classy and on budget. Here are some of my picks that we may or may not (I'm sure some will be vetoed tonight after this post goes up) use:

1. Etsy - Curry and Ginger Abstract Art - $20
2. Urban Outfitters - Coming and Going Rack - $68
3. Etsy - Fused Glass Coasters - $32
4. Etsy - Green Splat Bamboo Wall Clock - $55
5. Urban Outfitters - Pod Table - $110
6. Etsy - Avocado Still Life Painting - $49

I really like Etsy because not only do you support artists but you can find unique one-of-a-kind items (plus, you might snag a great piece of art from the next up-and-comer!) I will keep you informed on how our quest to decorate with lime green goes. I think we can make it work!

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  1. omg looks so good and healthy! love it :)