to-do list and bird grandparents

Last week was insanely busy (hence the radio silence on the blog) but this coming week I'm only working (interning) one day so you'll be hearing a lot from me. Last week I had my first paid assistant styling gig which went incredibly well plus it was nice to see that my hard work had finally paid off! Unfortunately, the nature of fashion styling is that it is freelance which is why I will be hitting the job search big time tomorrow!!

This will be the first time since I first moved to Los Angeles that I'll actually have some time off. Here are some of the things I want to accomplish:

  • go to the Post Office to mail a couple things I've been meaning to
  • run, run, run!
  • exercise that is not running (weights, spinning, yoga, etc)
  • cook in the crockpot
  • bake something new (I'm thinking oatmeal cookies!)
In case you were wondering, the birds came back and rebuilt their nest. There's two eggs in the nest as of a couple days ago and the momma and poppa birds take shifts keeping them warm. I like to tell the boyfriend that we're going to be grandparents because it bugs him and bugging the boyfriend is my favorite activity. It's true! 



Our zucchini plant has flowers!! Although, after looking at these pictures, I'm a little concerned by the look of the leaves that we may have bugs :/ Hopefully we'll have fresh zucchinis to eat soon!

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  1. These look awesome. We just got zucchini in our farmer's harvest bag and i'm stoked!

    The slow cooker recipe via my husband:
    -Rinse one lb pinto beans, uncooked
    -check for rocks
    -add beans to slow cooker with 6 cups filtered or bottled water (no chlorine) and let them soak overnight (8 hrs at least)
    -in morning, add 3 strips of bacon chopped, one large yellow onion diced, 2-3 jalapenos seeded and diced, teaspoon salt, 10 grinds of pepper, teaspoon garlic powder, a couple dashes of cayenne pepper
    -turn on high and cook for 8 hrs, adjust salt and pepper to taste

    He is a purist when it comes to New Mexico cooking so those are about the most authentic beans you can get. Hope you like it!